Thursday, February 9, 2012

Weekly Movie News 02/09/2012

We start off this week by showing you how you can win a trip to see the world premier of 'The Hunger Games' thanks to! Just remember that if you win, you have to take me with you!

Featured Movie Reviews:
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Featured Movie News:
Thanks to the Rejects for showing us the trailer for what might end up being one of the sleeper hits of the year. 'Iron Sky' is a low budget yet really cool looking Nazi invasion space!

Have you ever thought you could come up with a better ending to a movie than how it turned out? The people did, too and now they are showing you how Return of the Jedi should have ended.

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Local Movie News:

The Movie Crew has two awesome events coming up.
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Current Box Office Top Ten:
1. Chronicle - $22M

2. The Woman in Black - $20.9M
3. The Grey - $9.3M
4. Big Miracle - $7.76M
5. Underworld: Awakening - $5.5M
6. One for the Money - $5.21M
7. Red Tails - $4.74M
8. The Descendants - $6.41
9. Man on a Ledge - $4.35M
10. Extremely Lound and Incredibly Close - $3.8M

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Featured Trailers:
I am only looking forward to one of these two movies. Can you guess which movie is the one I wish had never been made?

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