Sunday, February 5, 2012

2011 Bar of the Year Award

You would be hard pressed to find another place that can offer such a unique and fun experience as Grim's on Capitol Hill. Featuring three very distinct floors that each have their own style and atmosphere, Seattle is fortunate to have a place like this to go to for food, drinks, dancing, and just general socializing. This winning combination has led to Grim's being named the 'Two Oh Six: Bar of the Year' award winner for 2011.

CLICK HERE to read my Yelp review of Grim's.

CLICK HERE to read my Yelp review of The Woods.
(I was first to review and also earned Review of the Day on 12-17-2011)

What have other Yelp reviewers said about Grim's?

"Their new brunch menu had some really cool options with a little bit of something for everyone." - Lindsay P.

"Service has always been great when I've been here. Drinks come fast, the waiters/waitresses are sharp and on the ball." - Kate S.

 "The upstairs, called "The Woods", is my favorite floor at Grim's. I love how everyone was just dancing and doing their own thing" - Samatha G.

 Grim's is located on Capitol Hill just a couple blocks east of Broadway and right in the middle of the famous Pike and Pine Street bar scene.

CLICK HERE to visit Grim's official website.

CLICK HERE to see grim's food and drink menu.

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