Saturday, February 25, 2012

2011 Movie of the Year

2011 had no shortage of quality movies, from big time blockbusters to smaller, relatively unknown features and I was fortunate enough to see so many of them (and even a few not so good ones) in the theaters.

For me, the main indicator of a movie's quality is the emotion that I feel as I am walking out of the theater as well as how long the movie sticks with me after seeing it. Some fade away very quickly and others have me dwelling on them for days, weeks, and sometimes longer. There are also a select few that I walk away from immediately wanting to see them again and wanting to know more about the people and places I just saw.

These are the ones that I remember as my favorites and each year there is one memorable movie in particular that manages to stand above the rest. With all of that being said and without any further delay, the winner of the first ever 'Two Oh Six: Movie of the Year' award goes to...



Director Michel Hazanavicius along with actors Jean Dujardin, Bérénice Bejo, and Uggie the scene stealing dog who was the winner of the first ever golden canine award for dog actors.


By Rebecca Keegan 01-24-2012

Author: Katey Rich, 12-02-2011

By Melissa Anderson Wednesday, Dec 21 2011

Seattle Times movie critic Moira Macdonald

An interview with Michel Hazanavicius, whose new silent, black and white movie, "The Artist," is winning acclaim around the world.
Seattle Times movie critic Moira Macdonald

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