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TheTwohSix Top Ten Favorite Movies of 2023

Here its is, TheTwoOhSix Top Ten Favorite Movies of 2023. For me, this was a very strange year for cinema with a lot of heavy hitters missing the mark but still several that knocked it out of the park and more than enough in the overall lineup to keep things interesting. Out of all of those, you will find my absolute favorites in the list below. Enjoy!

1. John Wick: Chapter Four
  • The fights are incredible, the action is over the top, the cast is stellar, and Keanu Reeves is Keanu Reeves. What more could you possibly want? - FULL REVIEW
2. The Creator
  • The Creator is the type of high end science fiction story telling that I want to see more and more of and will never get tired of. Gareth Edwards has created something special and brought to life a futuristic world that is probably closer to our own reality than we might want to admit. - FULL REVIEW
3. Poor Things
  • This isn't just a movie, it's an experience. It'll run you through so many thoughts and emotions and hopefully it also makes you genuinely consider everything the story is trying to say. - FULL REVIEW
4. Past Lives
  • Complementing Song's work behind the camera are two amazing performances from Greta Lee and Teo Yoo as Nora and Hae Sung respectively. They each seem to completely understand how to pull the material off the scripted page and turn it into something even more emotionally powerful on screen. - FULL REVIEW
5. Barbie
  • Greta Gerwig and company have created an endlessly entertaining satire filled with explosions of color and a bold sense of humor that proves how life is much more than plastic. It's fantastic! - FULL REVIEW
6. Guardians of the Galaxy volume 3
  • Guardians of the Galaxy volume 3 is top tier MCU and one of the best super hero movies to come out in some time. Thank you James Gunn for giving us such an amazing trilogy of films and a roster of characters that we have grown to know and fall in love with over the years. - FULL REVIEW
7. A Million Miles Away
  • A Million Miles Away is a revelation in its inspiration and a positive reenforcement for representation both in life and in the art of filmmaking. Highly recommended for anyone to watch. - FULL REVIEW
8. The Marvels
  • The Marvels is a really fun movie. If there is such a thing as a classic Marvel style, this movie has it. It has great action, a decent enough story, and plenty of humor to keep kids of all ages entertained from start to finish. - FULL REVIEW
9. Evil Dead Rise
  • Evil Dead Rise is a genuinely scary horror movie, a blood soaked fright fest, and one of the most entertaining films I have watched in some time. - FULL REVIEW
10. Godzille Minus One / ゴジラマイナスワン
  • Toho Studios has been in the movie making business since the 1940's wth Godzilla being its feature property for nearly that entire length of time so it's fitting that they put out one of the best kaiju movies we have seen in some time. - FULL REVIEW

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