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When Evil Lurks - Movie Review

The Movie: When Evil Lurks

The Director: Demián Rugna

The Cast: Ezequiel Rodriguez, Demián Salomon, Luis Ziembrowski, Silvia Sabater, Marcelo Michinaux

The Story: In a remote village, two brothers find a demon-infected man just about to "give birth" to evil itself. They decide to get rid of the body, only to end up unintentionally spreading chaos.

The Rating: 8/10

The Review:
If I had watched this movie a week earlier, it would have been at least in the running for my list of 2023 favorite movies but it will have to suffice as providing a great start to my 2024 batch of reviews instead. Demián Rugna's devilishly demonic horror thriller is one of the better horror movies I have watched in some time. It's genuinely scary, has several shock and awe moments, and the story is legit solid as well with a lot of originality thrown into what is normally very familiar territory.

How many times have we seen a possession movie where a person, usually a young girl, has a demon take over and a heroic person or two is reluctantly called in to save the day. This isn't that in any way shape of form and it is that much better for steering as far away from that as seemingly possible. I'm not going to break down the story itself but just know that multiple people get possessed and the heroes really aren't very heroic at all, they're just normal people trying to figure out what the literal hell has awakened in their normally sleepy little town.

Someone asked me how gory the movie is and, while there are definitely a few scenes that feature some really fun blood splattering moments, this is definitely not along the lines of movies like the Saw franchise or even Evil Dead Rise which was a cinematic bloodbath of epic proportions. The focus here is more on the demon(s) possessing people and what that all entails and I really liked how the story expands as more and more is revealed. You'll understand when you see the movie.

The special effects were all really well done, everything looked real with zero moments that looked like CGI of any type. Either everything was practical or the CGI was just really well crafted. Either way, the movie is top notch visually which makes the quality of the story that much better.

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