Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Changing Directions 2022 Filmmaker Interview Series featuring Emily and Sarah Kunstler, Directors of Who We Are: A Chronicle of Race in America

Episode 2.4
Welcome to episode four of the Changing Directions filmmaker interview series! This episode features a conversation with Emily and Sarah Kunstler, the directors of Who We Are: A Chronicle of Race in America. I had the honor of speaking with the co-directors/sisters about working with Jeffery Robinson to adapt his legendary talk into a feature length documentary.


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Changing Directions is a weekly (for the most part) filmmaker interview series that focuses on emerging filmmakers from underrepresented backgrounds. Please visit TheTwoOhSix social media channels for more interviews, movie reviews, film festival coverage, and live streaming content.

Intro and outro music: Treasure Island (Instrumental) - Iris Kymm featuring Big Marvel

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