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Catch the Fair One - Movie Review

The Movie: Catch the Fair One

The Director: Josef Kubota Wladyka

The Cast Kali Reis, Daniel Henshall, Tiffany Chu, Michael Drayer, Shelito Vincent, Lisa Emery, Kimberly Guerrero, and Kevin Dunn

The Story: A former boxer embarks on the fight of her life when she goes in search of her missing sister.

The Review:
Human trafficking is a real thing that happens in our country, in our cities, and in our backyards every single moment of every single day. It is not a thing that happens on the other side of the world. Women of course are the primary targets and within that, indigenous women are targeted more than anyone else. This has been going on since the first colonizers came to these lands, stole them from the people who were already here, and installed things like slavery, religion, and industry. This is the history of what is currently known as America.

It's important to understand the previous paragraph to understand the context of this movie, co-written by director Josef Kubota Wladyka and star Kali Reis who also just happens to be the current WBA Super lightweight champion. The story is about the enslavement of human beings as a thriving industry that takes place daily all across America. Reis plays a troubled fighter trying to resurrect her career who has lost her sister and sets out on a path to find her by any means necessary.

The movie is dark because it's real. It shows the reality of what is happening and how easy it is for women to fall into traps that have them end up drugged, beaten, demoralized, and then sold into slavery. The story is intense because it needs to be, this isn't a fairy tale of any type, not even a dark one, and it isn't sugar coated in any way. That's not to say the movie isn't entertaining, it absolutely is, it's just meant to show you something and to teach you something and to make you want to know more about these things that are happening in real life.

Kali Reis makes her acting debut with this movie and she, yes I'm going to say it, delivers an absolute knock out performance. You can tell that she was on a mission to create a story and a character that was not only authentic but could also be inspirational even in the midst of tragedy. The story is so centered on who Kali's character is that she had to nail it for the movie to work and she definitely does, in every single way. There is an intimate level of authenticity to the character and to the story and that's what really sold me on the whole thing.

The Verdict:
Catch the Fair One goes deep into the darkness and depths of human trafficking with an intensity and a purpose that is impossible to ignore. Kali Reis makes an impressive debut and a seamless transition from boxing to acting and may have just formed a formidable tag team with director Josef Kubota Wladyka.

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