Thursday, July 29, 2021

Settlers (2021) - Movie Review

The Movie: Settlers

The Director: Wyatt Rockefeller

The Cast: Sofia Boutella, Ismael Cruz Cordova, Brooklynn Prince, Nell Tiger Free, Jonny Lee Miller

The Story: Settlers on the Martian frontier do what they must to survive the cosmic elements and each other in this science-fiction thrill ride.

The Review:
I'm always a sucker for sci-fi movies and especially ones that don't feel like they have to hand hold the audience or add in story elements that make it more relatable or understandable for the average viewer. Just throw me into space or the future or whatever and let me enjoy a tale from another time or space or of course a galaxy far, far away. I like the idea of this movie with settlers being stranded on Mars with little connection to anything else and the characters not knowing what or who else might be out there. The look and feel of the movie is similar to The Martian but really that's only because it's set on Mars so it has to look like that because science.

As the story plays out, I'm sad to say it becomes less and less interesting and it slowly loses any of the intensity that the opening built up, it just sort of withers down to something predictable and ultimately forgettable. I was really hoping this was going to go a much darker and scarier route and it really could have but that's on me and my expectations. As far as the acting, it's kind of the same thing, After in intense opening, everyone is just sort of there going through the motions and I didn't really care what happened to any of them. I guess that's all I have to say about this movie. Oh, I do like the little robot in the movie. He's pretty cool.

The Verdict:
Settlers is a sci-fi movie that shoots for the stars but lands on with a thud and never delivers on the promise of being a tension filled Mars based thriller.

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