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TwoOhSix Picks - 2021 North Bend Film Festival

The North Bend Film Festival is back after a one year pandemic induced hiatus and the 2021 edition has got a full lineup of programming both virtual and in person. This hybrid format has been the norm for most festivals this year and the fine folks who are in charge of these particular proceedings have gone all out in maintaining the fun and quirky vibe the festival is known for. See below for my election of films you do not want to miss out on during the festival's run.

Red Post On Escher Street directed by Sion Sono

Please refer to the North Bend Film Festival website to see which films are in person and/or virtual screenings. Virtual screenings may be geo-locked to certain regions. Movie titles have links to their respective NBFF website pages.

Cryptozoo directed by Dash Shaw
This movie definitely fits the weird and out there vibe of the film festival and this might just be the one I am most looking forward to watching. The festival's centerpiece feature film includes a arilliant voice cast featuring Lake Bell, Michael Cera, Angeliki Papoulia, Zoe Kazan, and Peter Stormare just to name a few.

Luchadoras directed by Paola Calvo and Patrick Jasim
I'm a big wrestling fan so this documentary immediately got on my radar although the film looks like so much more than ring action. Directors Paola Calvo and Patrick Jasim take a deep dive into the lives of women who are trying to advance their careers as pro wrestlers while dealing with the constant danger of violence and murder. 

Red Post on Escher Street directed by Sion Sono
At times the story feels really long and, around the halfway point, sits on the brink of falling apart but director Sion Sono weaves some magic with a third act that pulls everything together and delivers the goods in a very satisfying way. - Full Review

Slate directed by Jo Ba-reun
I love Korean cinema and this one looks like it comes with a gigantic pile of bad ass action so you know I'm all in for it. 

Swan Song directed by Todd Stephens
Udo Kier, Jennifer Coolidge, Linda Evans. Do I need to say more? This is the opening night feature of the festival and is sure to set things off properly. Don't miss this one.

The Witches of the Orient directed by Julien Faraut
This stylized documentary tells the tale of one of the most dominant volleyball teams of all time and one of the most amazing feats in sports history. Told with a mix of archival footage, current interviews, and anime clips, director Julien Faraut creates a loving document about the Japanese women who won 258 consecutive matches and topped it off with an Olympic gold medal.

The Witches of the Orient directed by Julien Faraut 

To keep track of all my reviews and festival coverage please go to: TwoOhSix at NBFF 2021.

About North Bend Film Festival:
Best known as the original shooting location for cult-hit and recently re-birthed TWIN PEAKS, North Bend Film Fest engages local and national audiences to enrich, promote and support the creation in independent genre film. Using the town’s fantastical and mysterious energy that once inspired David Lynch, the festival sets out to fill the void of programming for the progressive audiences in the Pacific Northwest, and to provide a platform for emerging filmmakers. Working directly with the town of North Bend, NBFF is an event for the local community, Northwest creatives, and national genre film industry to enjoy together.

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