Thursday, April 29, 2021

The Virtuoso - Movie Review

The Movie: The Virtuoso

The Director: Nick Stagliano

The Cast: Anson Mount, Abbie Cornish, Eddie Marsan, Richard Brake, Diora Baird, David Morse, and Anthony Hopkins

The Story: A lonesome stranger, secure, nerves of steel, must track down and kill a rogue Hitman to satisfy an outstanding debt.

The Review:
I'm really not sure what this movie was trying to accomplish. It's sort of a noir spy assassin thriller, I guess. The story takes so long to get started that by the time I felt settled in, it was almost over and then I was like wait, that's it? I'm writing this review a day later after watching the movie and I'm honestly still not sure what happened or why any of it happened. Everything just sort of meanders along through a story that doesn't accomplish anything and doesn't even give you a chance to care about any of the characters.

Anson Mount plays the title character, a lonely assassin who carries out secret missions with an extreme level of precision and preparation and basically zero personality. No matter what happens, he remains as stoic and bland as a person could possibly be which I thought was odd because the driving force of the movie is his emotional struggle with some unfortunate events what we see at the beginning. Anthony Hopkins, Eddie Marsan, and Richard Brake but none of them have nearly enough to do so I feel like they were all wasted. The real star of the movie is Abbie Cornish who plays The Waitress and I felt like she was the only one who wanted to be there or gave a damn about what was happening.

There are a few bits of action here and there which are fine although most of the movie is watching the virtuoso guy not having any emotional reaction to anything. The one time I felt like he had a bit of emotion was when he was interacting with a dog and even that was kind of strange and awkward. I think that's all I really have to say about this movie. If you choose to watch it, I take no responsibility.

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