Monday, April 26, 2021

Changing Directions Podcast Series: Brad Bennett and Chris Haley - Directors of Unmarked

Directors Brad Bennett and Chris Haley join the Changing Directions to talk about Unmarked, their documentary short film. Unmarked marks its place in history by literally uncovering historical remnants of American slavery and black history.

After watching this documentary, I just had to know more about the background and behind the scenes of such an important story and the directors were nice enough to take time out of their schedule to join the podcast. We had a great time chatting about the documentary, how they came together to make the film, and how understanding your family history can inform how you carry on your life in the context of that legacy.

Changing Directions is a podcast interview series focused on diverse and emerging filmmakers who are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible for women and people of color while creating amazing films. Listen now and/or download on your favorite podcast format listed below

Unmarked on the web:

Unmarked is available on DVD and On Demand beginning Tuesday, April 27th.  Go to Apple TV to rent it now or visit whatever you preferred streaming service is to see if it is available. review of Unmarked.

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