Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Cosmoball - Movie Review

The Movie: Cosmoball

The Director: Dzhanik Fayziev

The Cast: Evgeniy Mironov, Evgeniy Romantsov, Viktoriya Agalakova, Maria Lisovaya, Ivan Ivanovich

The Story: An enormous spaceship hovers over Earth-this is a stadium, which hosts sports events that resemble soccer but at mind-boggling speeds. The name of the game is cosmoball.

The Review:
When I sat down to watch this movie, I was hoping for an action packed, super sized, color filled good time and that's pretty much what this movie is about. This is definitely not the type of movie that you want to take too seriously, it's better to just enjoy it for what it is and be happy with the result. Director Dzhanik Fayziev keeps the pace moving along nicely while jumbling genres like a pro. There is so much going on with this movie and inspiration is drawn from pretty much every blockbuster movie franchise of the last couple decades and I'm not really that as a complaint. I was actually kind of impressed with the cast and crew's ability to make it all work.

Evgeniy Romantsov leads the cast as the unlikely hero Anton who goes from scared boy to heroic savior in a matter of a montage and a couple emotional coming of age type moments. Apparently, it's that easy to become a cosmic hero that goes from hating sports to becoming a teleporting cosmoball whiz so quickly that you might miss it if you take a bathroom break without hitting pause. Again, this isn't a complaint, it's all part of the fun, whimsical nature of the movie and keep in mind, the movie is really geared towards a young adult audience so factor that in as well.

The two leading ladies in the movie, Viktoriya Agalakova as Natasha and Svetlana Ivanova as Zhena, are also on hand to put on a show although it does get a little cringy with how blatantly they are each used as eye candy through the movie. Still, they are both strong women who add a lot to Anton's hero journey although again both are stuck in love interest roles and are never fully fleshed out. I think the movie never really does proper justice to any of the character arcs as the priority with this movie is to be as much of a spectacle as possible and it absolutely succeeds at that so I'll forgive a few flaws and transgressions.

The Verdict:
Cosmoball is cosmo crazy with an action packed story and a non stop explosion of color, lights, and fancy special effects. This movie is the cinematic equivalent of movie theater concession stands. Lots of sugar, lots of carbonation, and popcorn popping all over the place.

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