Thursday, March 4, 2021

Chaos Walking - Movie review

The Movie: Chaos Walking

The Director: Doug Liman

The Cast: Daisy Ridley, Tom Holland, Mads Mikkelsen, Demián Bichir, Cynthia Erivo, Nick Jonas, Kurt Sutter, David Oyelowo

The Story: A dystopian world where there are no women and all living creatures can hear each other's thoughts in a stream of images, words, and sounds called Noise.

The Review:
Before watching this movie, I did not know it was based off of a young adult scifi book series although I was actually thinking that it fits that lane really well. It's interesting to think of Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley as youngsters considering everything they've already accomplished and yet here we are still at the beginnings of their careers. The story is pretty basic but it's also pretty effective at what it's trying to accomplish and definitely sets things up for a potential series of films.

Holland and Ridley are solid in their roles which is fine because they're really not asked to do a whole lot in this movie . It was interesting to see supporting roles filled by highly respected actors like Mads Mikkelsen, Cynthia Erivo, Demián Bichir, and David Oyelowo. Mikkelsen is really the only that had a lot to do so I'm thinking the other roles will be expanded if sequels are to be made. The idea of being on a planet where men's thoughts manifest themselves to where they can be heard or even take on some type of physical form is a novel concept and also kind of weird but that's okay.

Overall, Chaos Walking is a decent movie and I do like the original concepts and ideas that are brought to the table from a scifi perspective but I don't know if there's enough there to warrant an ongoing series of films. Still though, that cast would definitely keep me interested.

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