Monday, April 6, 2020

Almost Love - Movie Review

The Movie: Almost Love

The Director: Mike Doyle

The Cast: Scott Evans, Kate Walsh, Augustus Prew, Michelle Buteau, Colin Donnell, Zoe Chao, Christopher Gray, John Doman, Patricia Clarkson

The Story: A romantic comedy about a group of friends navigating love, life, and relationships as they reach the mid-point.

The Review:
This is a pretty impressive feature debut for long time actor Mike Doyle as he both wrote and directed the film. I think there's a sort of pureness to the story in comparison to a lot of movies that tackle similar subject matter, the characters exist as normal people no matter who they are or what their background is. They have real problems and the have real problems trying to deal with those real problems if that makes sense.

The two leads are a couple played by Augustus Prew and Scott Evans (in case you didn't know, Captain America is his brother) and the thing I absolutely loved about the characters is that the fact that they are two men in a relationship really means nothing. The only moment where their relationship is pointed out as not being normal is when they have a bit of fun with someone who tries to put them down. It was very refreshing to see the relationship just presented as a relationship without having to be like "oh my god, it's a gay couple" every five minutes. This really allowed the actors to just work and exist in that space and it was really great to see.

Michelle Buteau, Kate Walsh, and Zoe Chao each get to play a bit of comic relief although their stories and the relationship issues are not treated with any less importance. Zoe's character is especially hilarious as she rises to the occasion of having to deal with the craziest situation. I'll let you see for yourself so I don't spoil any of the fun. Individually the three ladies are very entertaining and also, when the director puts Michelle and Zoe together, those end up being some of the funniest and most entertaining moments of the movie.

The Verdict:
Almost Love is a perfectly enjoyable dramedy that explores life and relationships in a way that is very honest and relatable. Both the drama and the comedy come from how much we recognize what the people in this movie are going through. Very well done.

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