Tuesday, May 29, 2018

They Remain - Movie Review

The Movie: They Remain

The Director: Philip Gelatt

The Cast: William Jackson Harper, Rebecca Henderson

The Story: Two scientists who share a romantic history are tasked with investigating unnatural animal behavior on the site of a Manson Family-style cult's compound.

The Review:
This is one of those movies where you want to go in knowing as little as possible because half of the entertainment is getting wrapped up in not knowing what the heck is going on. Writer and director Philip Gelatt has put together an intense thriller that keeps you guessing with so many twists and turns, hints and clues, and you're constantly trying to figure out whether the two leads are dealing with aliens, ghosts, a government conspiracy, or something even crazier.

There are some similarities in tone and style to Annihilation, Alex Garland's recent sci-fi thriller, and, while it doesn't have the same level of mind blowing effects, it does just as well at drawing you into an immersive world that hints at much larger things on the horizon. William Jackson Harper and Rebecca Henderson are pretty much the only people we see in the movie, other than a few peripheral characters, and they really work well together on screen.

The Verdict:
They Remain does a lot of things really well with a good mix of science fiction and psychological thriller with a bit of horror thrown in for good measure. Definitely a movie worth checking out.

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