Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Pitch Perfect 3 - Movie Review

The Movie: Pitch Perfect 3

The Director: Trish Sie

The Cast: Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Brittany Snow, Anna Camp, Hailee Steinfeld, Ester Dean, Hana Mae Lee, Kelley Jakle, Shelley Gregnar, Chrissie Fit, Elizabeth Banks, John Michael Higgins, John Lithgow, Matt Lanter, Buy Burnet, Alexis Knapp, DJ Khaled,

The Story: Following their win at the world championship, the now separated Bellas reunite for one last singing competition at an overseas USO tour.

The Review:
For some reason, these movies have always made me happy. They are simple and silly with just a bit of sappiness thrown in and all the characters are super likable so why not. Part three is definitely a conclusion to the trilogy which is nice because it allows you to enjoy a real ending instead of wondering what might happen next. The story is decent and it doesn't really care about deep emotions, layered plot lines, or anything that makes much sense although you won't care because there's singing, dancing, and comedy from start to finish.

Anna Kendrick has been the star of the series since day one although she never overshadows her fellow Bellas who continue to fit together perfectly like puzzle pieces and they always come together like Voltron when it's time to save the day. The one area that was a bit of a downer is that it seems like Elizabeth Banks and John Michael Higgins have run out of material for their characters. This time around, they didn't have that same snarky magic and inappropriate repartee they have been known for which rendered them irrelevant to the story's entertainment value. They tried but it just wasn't there.

The Verdict:
Pitch Perfect 3 is the perfect sendoff for a franchise that has never failed to entertain and the creative team deserves all the aca-lades that might come their way.

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