Thursday, August 18, 2016

Cinerama 70mm Film Festival Announcement

For Seattle movie buffs and cinema fans, the Cinerama 70mm Film Festival is always one of the biggest events of the year as it presents a truly unique theater experience. Nowhere else in the world will you be able to see a collection of films in this format presented with the technical capabilities that the Cinerama has at their disposal.

From the Cinerama:
"Cinerama is thrilled to present the full film schedule for its 70mm Film Festival, taking place between Friday, Sept. 9 and Monday, Sept. 19. Ticket sales for the festival will begin on Monday, Aug. 22 and include titles such as Apocalypse Now, The Sound of Music, Aliens, and Patton.

During the festival, all of the films being shown are from multiple sources including the University of North Carolina School of Arts and the Twentieth Century Fox archives. This festival also included 70mm ‘Blow-Ups’, which are films that were not filmed in 70mm but enlarged from a 35mm negative.

Cinerama is proud to be one of the only theaters in the nation to utilize a wide variety of audio visual technologies that span from historical, pioneering film formats synonymous with the theater’s history and the golden era of filmmaking, to the latest groundbreaking advances such as its Christie 6P laser projector, which was the first to be installed in any commercial theater."

The festival will take place exclusively at the Seattle Cinerama from September 9th through the 21st. For more information, visit

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