Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Criminal - Movie Review

Criminal, directed  by Ariel Vromen, is a crime thriller that puts the memories of a murdered CIA operative into a psychopathic killer to help solve a terrorist plot. The film features acting performances by Kevin Costner, Ryan Reynolds, Gary Oldman, Tommy Lee Jones, and Gal Gadot.

The Review:
With a high powered cast like the one featured in this film, you would think we might be in for a really intense thriller filled with strong characters all leading to an explosive finale. Unfortunately, you also need a story that actually makes sense and this movie seems to have left that little detail out. The idea is interesting as some untested fictional technology is put to the test to help save the day against a terrorist who is trying to bring down all forms of corporate and political corruption by just ending it all in one swift stroke of nuclear fallout. Vromen's direction is actually pretty strong in this effort as he keeps things tight and moving along at a pretty good pace although, once again, the story gets in the way of his efforts.

I guess my main issue here is how the story disregards logic at nearly every turn in favor of just pushing forward to get to the end. Or maybe it's how Gary Oldman yells every line of dialog he has. Yeah, not sure which was worse. Then again, maybe it was the under utilization of Gal Gadot as an actress (For the third time this year, actually. Also see: Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice and Triple 9) as I really thought they were setting her up to be more bad ass, but as quickly as she starts heating up, her character is sent way back in the shadows...and not the cool, mysterious shadows, just the kind of shadows where nothing happens. She's not even the damsel in distress, her character's daughter takes that roll! Have I said too much? Not really, it's all very predictable and nonsensical so whatever.

The Verdict:
Criminal is the third movie in two months where Gal Gadot shines in really small roles and I am confident that these are all just stepping stones to her future greatness as a leading lady.

Did anyone else notice this movie is packed with comic book movie actors?

  • Gal Gadot - Wonder Woman
  • Kevin Costner - Pa Kent
  • Gary Oldman - Commissioner Gordon
  • Tommy Lee Jones - Army guy from Captain America
  • Ryan Reynolds - Green Lantern
  • Ryan Reynolds - Deadpool
I know that's hard to avoid these days, but it's still fun. Oh wait, I was talking about the movie. Criminal is not very good so don't bother seeing it. Except to see Gal Gadot because she's awesome. That's why I went.


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