Tuesday, October 6, 2015

2015 Local Sightings Film Festival Recap.

This was my first year covering the Northwest Film Forum's "Local Sightings" Film Festival and I have to say, the Pacific Northwest has no shortage of up and coming film makers. Below, you will find links to my reviews for the films I was able to watch during the festival as well as an announcement of the "TwoOhSix Festival Favorite".

Overall, I was really impressed with the selection of films that were available and each one I watched was very enjoyable, but one in particular stood out from all the rest.

TwoOhSix Festival Favorite
Directed by Amy Benson, Scott Squire, and Ramyata Limbu

Click on the images to read my review for each of these films. 


Dead Body

Thanks for checking out my 2015 recap and hopefully we'll see you at next year's "Local Sightings" Film Festival! Also, stay tuned for more festival coverage coming real soon including Seattle Shorts Fest, GeekGirlCon, and the Tacoma Film Festival.


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