Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Just Eat It: A Food Waste Story (LSFF 2015) - Documentary Review

Just Eat It: A Food Waste Story is an official selection of the Northwest Film Forum's "Local Sightings" Film Festival. This documentary feature about food waste in America was written and directed by Grant Baldwin and Jenny Rustemeyer who also head the cast of participants in from of the cameras.

The Story:
In an effort to show just how much food is wasted in North America, Grant Baldwin and Jenny Rustmeyer decide to live off of nothing but food waste for six months. One might think this would leave them with nothing but scraps and garbage but, thanks to millions of pounds of waste across the continent, the pair end up with more than they could ever consume on their own.

The Review:
As citizens of the world, we generally understand that there is a fair amount of food waste in the world although this documentary does an amazing job of actually quantifying just how much is out there every single day. When the Grant and Jenny begin their adventure, they are genuinely concerned about how much they will have to eat and start off rationing what they are able to acquire although it doesn't take long before they are finding bins full of discarded foods and piles of passed over produce. The story of their journey is really well told with lots of emotional ups and downs and a visual style that is beautifully shot and filled with vibrant colors which makes for an interesting contrast to the edible wasteland we see laid out before us.

The Verdict:
With Just Eat It: A Food Waste Story, Grant Baldwin and Jenny Rustemeyer have created a documentary everyone needs to see just for the basic awareness of the mind boggling amount of food we are collectively wasting. This is a film that should be shown in schools everywhere as a key piece of environmental education and even as a way to promote healthy eating habits. If you get a chance, please check this film out as it teaches an important lesson while being a genuinely entertaining story as well.

According to the film's official website, you will be able to watch this documentary On Demand beginning on October 20th.


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