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Emerald City Comicon 2013 - Day Two

Back for round 2 of the one and only Emerald City Comicon and what is typically the most costume-filled portion of the three day weekend at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle, Washington. This "Day Two" post primarily features photos I took of the costumed cast of characters I saw over the course of the day's festivities.


There were so many fun costumes this year and it was impossible to document them all, but I tried to get shots of the ones that stood out whenever I could. Some, I tried to take, but the throngs of attendees filling every available space in the otherwise cavernous convention center just didn't allow for ideal photo taking opportunities.

Even in the designated photo taking places which featured ECCC logo backdrops, it was often a challenging task to get in position to snap a shot of one of the many Poison Ivy's, Catwomen, or Spartan soldiers who happened to drop by. It was hard to pick any favorites out of the voluminous variety of creative costumed crusaders so I chose to leave that tall task to the caretakers of the 'con's own costume contest.

No, that pile of mechanized awesomeness pictured below isn't a costume, its a giant sized display for an upcoming FPS video game called Hawken. I didn't take the opportunity to play the available demo, but it looked like a pretty cool game.

During the early afternoon hours, it was time to take a break from all the picture taking so that we could check out the Walter Koenig (Pavel Chekov from Star Trek) panel in the Main Hall. Even though he played a comparatively small role on the hit TV show and in the subsequent movies to those of his contemporaries like Shatner and Nimoy, it was apparent that he had no shortage of amazing stories to tell from during those days as well as his other endeavors like his role on Babylon 5.

When asked about his time playing the popular character of Bester, Koenig stated how being a part of the Babylon 5 crew was the most fun he ever had working on a television show and had a lot of the same qualities as Star Trek. Apparently there were actually plans to give Bester a larger part in the series, but the show was cancelled before the creators could go down that path.

That statue of Soundwave was so cool! I was very fortunate to get a clean picture of it without all the crowds of people constantly walking past. Now back to more pictures of all the costumed craziness.

After seeing the incomparable Burt Ward and Adam West participate in a Q&A before the screening of the original 1966 Batman movie at the Cinerama on Thursday night, I was very excited to see the dynamic duo do their thing again on the Main Hall Comicon stage and they did not disappoint at all. Filled with hilarious anecdotes and tales of living the Hollywood lifestyle, this two hour conversation showcased two of the more entertaining men you will ever see.

Adam West truly has that rock star persona and makes no apologies about making the most of his celebrity status when it came to wooing the women and taking control of what, at the time, was the most expensive television show ever made. His main complaint about being Batman was how uncomfortable the costume was to wear. He also said he has no remorse for the actors now who complain about their rubber and plastic costumes and exclaimed: "Those were my real nipples!".

Mr. Ward had some great stories about stunt men and on set accidents like one involving him almost flying out of the Batmobile when the passenger door came open during a high speed turn. Still, what was most interesting was how he knew and trained with the one and only Bruce Lee as both were martial arts students and lived in the same condominium complex. Ward can also lay claim to being the first ever person to film a fight scene with Mr. Lee for any movie or TV show when they duked it out as Robin and Kato on the set of Batman.

With one of the most entertaining panel discussions of the weekend having come to an end, the only thing left to do was wait for the costume contest to start. This event is always one of the highlights of the entire weekend and somehow this was my first time ever being able to check it out. One of the coolest moments of all was seeing my friend Crystal compete in the Masters category with her beautiful Princess Amidala costume and walking away with the second place prize of $500!

Here's a picture of me and Crystal shortly before the contest began.

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