Monday, February 4, 2013

Best of the 2013 Super Bowl Commercials

Here it is folks, we have put together a collection of our favorite commercials from Sunday's big game. Sure, the Baltimore Ravens pulled out a dramatic victory overt the San Francisco 49ers, but everyone was glued to their television sets whenever there was a break in the action. The real action is seeing what the big money spenders had in store for one of the biggest audiences in television history.

From blockbuster movie trailers to nutty dance moves, this year featured some pretty awesome half minutes of entertainment. Of course, there were also several duds but you won't see those here. These are the ones that made us laugh, brought a tear to our eyes, and  made us want to go out and spend our hard earned money.

Here it is, the absolute best, number one Super Bowl commercial for 2013 as rated by our expert research staff. GoDaddy easily beat out all the competition with this shocker of an ad. Of course, we here at are not satisfied with just giving you the original 30 second spot that aired during the game, so we have thrown in the unrated version which features even more thrilling action!

Thank you for checking out our favorite Super Bowl commercials. These ads have been brought to you by the following companies.

National Football League
CBS Sports
Duluth Trading
Wonderful Pistachios
Wheat Thins
Jack in the Box
Universal Pictures
Marvel Studios


Finally, here is the "Extended Look" version of the Iron Man 3 trailer which was only available on the movie's Facebook page...until now.

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