Sunday, April 15, 2012

Lockout - Movie Review

Over his career, Luc Besson has been responsible for some truly great movies like "La Femme Nikita", "Leon: The Professional", and "The Fifth Element". "Lockout is definitely not one of those movies.

Guy Pierce plays a wise cracking CIA agent named Snow in a future where the government has built a maximum security prison in space to house the world's most dangerous criminals. After the President's daughter (Maggie Grace), her useless staff and bodyguards, and a completely inept prison crew, have all been killed or taken hostage during a prison breakout, Snow is sent up to save the day.

I would have to say that "Lockout" now holds the record for most times making me think "Wait...what?" during a movie as there are so many plot holes, inconsistencies, tired cliches, and stupid mistakes that are all wrapped in to a story that is a patchwork several way better action movies. You almost expect Snow to yell out "Welcome to the party, pal!" or say "I've got a bad feeling about this" at any moment because you are so often reminded of movies like Die Hard and Star Wars.

To top it off, the special effects were almost as bad as the incoherent story line. It seemed to me like they intentionally sped up any scene that involved visual effects in hopes that you might not notice how poorly they were all constructed. I would put the effects in this movie on par with your average video game cut scenes and nowhere near what you would expect from a feature film by today's standards.

Do I have anything good to say about the movie? Guy Pierce does have a few funny moments and Maggie Grace is pretty hot. That's about it.

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