Monday, April 2, 2012

Emerald City Comicon - Day Three



Our final day at the Washington State Convention Center mainly consisted of speaker panels and, of course, more pictures of costumed Comicon connoisseurs. Last minute purchases and one more time around the show floor was also on the agenda.

One highlight had to be getting a freshly made pancake from the very funny guys at Check out their short films!

First up was Adam Baldwin who has starred in some really good TV shows including Stargate, Chuck, and Firefly. One question that was posed to him was to describe his favorite running joke or gag from any of the shows he has acted in. His answer was "Blaming Summer Glau for anything and everything that went wrong on the set of Firefly".

When asked what he looks for when choosing a role, his immediate response was simply, "Money." After laughing off his own joke, he admitted that he looks for "Humor. If the story is funny." Baldwin stayed true to that idea as he had the crowd laughing along to his witty sense of humor and the same confident swagger you often see in his characters.

Next up was James and Oliver Phelps, the British actors and real-life twins who played the endearing older brothers Fred and George Weasley in all eight Harry Potter films. I wasn't able to jot down any noteworthy quotes, but there was definitely a lot of excitement from the crowd which was heavy on teenage girls.

Edward James Olmos, who was one of the most popular and outspoken speakers during the three day event, was very honest and forthcoming with his views on the entertainment industry, politics, technology, and how it all affects the direction our society is heading.

The panel moderator asked Mr. Olmos if it was true that he was offered the role of captain of the Enterprise when the "Next Generation" TV show was in early development. He answered, "Yes, but I had to turn it down. Fortunately, not taking the role led to being in Battlestar Galactica.

A question posed to Olmos by a fan was to describe what he looks for when choosing a role. "Story. If the story is good, I will play any role, from the doorstop to the lead. That is the most important thing." He also went on to say "Music is the key to me for developing a character. Finding the right music inspires who the character is going to be."

We also got to see Lea Thompson again during her panel and, even though a few of the same questions were thrown her way that were asked at the movie screening, she was just as enthusiastic and entertaining as she was the night before. I was not able to jot down any quotes from her panel, but check out my Day Two blog post to see a video of her Q&A session at the "Back to the Future" movie screening.

Now its time for a few more pictures of the crazy costumed characters that we found on the Comicon show floor.

Finally, here is a brief video I shot with my phone of Batman's Bat Cave as imagined by a team of Lego enthusiasts. This took a lot of time and effort to build and the end result turned out really cool.

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