Monday, April 2, 2012

Emerald City Comicon - Day Two




Day Two at the "Emerald City Comicon" included meeting George Takei and getting his autograph on an 8x10 photo which can be seen below. He was actually a very nice man and took the time to have a brief conversation with each person rather than just signing your item, barely acknowledging that you are there, and sending you on your way like how a lot of other "celebrities" do at these type of events.

While waiting in line for Mr. Takei's autograph, I was able to take a couple pictures of Edward James Olmos and Eddie McClintock as they were setting up for their own sessions.

During Mr. Takei's panel discussion, he was asked what he thinks of the new Star Trek movies that have reinvented the classic story and characters. His response was "I love the action and the pacing. It had to be done with a younger cast because there is so much running down the hallways. I can't see Bill Shatner doing all that running!"

He was also asked if he would like to have a cameo appearance in the new movie. His response was yes, but there are no plans to have any of the previous actors appear in future installments of the series.

Needless to say, Takei had the crowd on the edge of their seats with some great humor, a really engaging personality, and some very insightful thoughts on politics, culture, and just about everything in between. Below is a picture of the stage during the interview and you can pretty much see that it is him on the large screens.

As we continued to wander around the show floor, there were plenty of opportunities to take pictures of people in a wide variety of costumes. Saturday is always the best day to check out costumes as the always popular costume contest is held at the end of that day's events. Here's a look at a few of the ones we saw.

To close out the night, I attended a screening of "Back to the Future" at the Uptown Theater which featured a parade of Deloreans brought out by a local club of enthusiasts and a Q&A with none other than the woman who played Marty McFly's mom, Lea Thompson.

Here is some video footage of the Q&A I was able to take with my phone's camera from the second row of the theater. Ms. Thompson was very entertaining and had some really fun behind the scenes stories including her thoughts about working on the movie with Eric Stoltz who actually filmed scenes as Marty before being replaced by Michael J Fox. You could tell she was having a lot of fun and enjoys the fact that she is a part of such a well known and loved movie.

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