Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Weekly Movie News 12-15-2011

This new teaser poster has Dark Knight Rises fans going crazy about what it may imply. Those that have followed Batman comics over the years know that Bane has been one of the caped crusaders most vicious enemies ever. Will the end of Christopher Nolan's amazing trilogy also be the end of Batman himself?

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These three films have been earning a lot of praise from critics and have been nominated for several awards. Click the posters to read my reviews of each film.

Latest Movie News:

Nominees for the Annie Awards have now been announced and are available to be viewed HERE. This is the Oscars of animated movies and includes both foreign and domestic features as well as TV shows, shorts, and special productions. Best feature nominees include Rango, Puss In Boots, and Cars 2.

Have you ever wondered what some of those obscure titles in the credits are or not quite sure what a director is talking about during an interview that gets technical? CLICK HERE to check out a glossary of movie terms put together by the fine folks at IMDB.com

HeroComplex.com has a couple great articles on their website right now. One features an essay about the one and only Walt Disney by actor/director Jon Favreau. The other is an interview with Christopher Nolan where he discusses his thoughts on completing his Batman trilogy and how the character of bane fits in to the final installment.

Local Movie News:
Science Fiction + Fantasy Short Film Festival
Tickets are now on sale for this single day festival presented by SIFF and EMP!

Don't miss out on seeing the seven minute prologue of Dark Knight Rises that is showing with Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol IMAX screenings.
CLICK HERE to buy tickets.

Current Box Office Top 10:
1. New Year's Eve - $13M
2. The Sitter - $9.85M
3. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 - $7.82M
4. The Muppets - $6.98M
5. Arthur Christmas - $6.51M
6. Hugo - $6.05M
7. The Descendants - $4.38M
8. Happy Feet Two - $3.69M
9. Jack and Jill - $3.09M
10. Immortals - $2.46M

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Opening This Weekend:
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Featured Trailer:
This week I have included two new trailers!
Men in Black 3 and Battleship!

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