Sunday, October 9, 2011

Seahawks Vs. Giants: On My Timeline

Durring the Seahawks/Giants game that took place on Sunday, October 9th, I was providing a steady stream of Facebook status updates as a running play-by-play and commentary. Here are all of those updates, listed in chronological order, along with accompanying photos from Yahoo Sports and


 Beast Mode!

Giants fans are real weak. You can clearly hear T-Jack making the offensive calls at the line. That would never happen in Seattle.

Fumbles and interceptions. Nice to see Eli Manning looking like...Eli Manning.

Halftime in New York. The Seahawks showing they are still a young team that will make mistakes. The Giants and Eli Manning, as usual, look terrible on one drive then unstoppable the next. Playing on the east coast is always a tough challenge for the Hawks so its good to see them play a competitive game up to this point even if it is full of turnovers and penalties on both sides.

The Seahawks and the Giants typically play better in the second half of games this year. This should end up being quite a finish as both defenses will step up and keep things close.

T-Jack is out with a possible shoulder injury. For those of you that have been calling for Charlie Whitehurst all season (I still have no idea why), here is your chance!

Anthony Hargrove just went in to Beast Mode!

Third quarter ends with only two points scored which was on a safety by the Seahawks defense. Good to see Beast Mode getting some good looks in the running game and the Giants defense spent a lot of time on the field in the first half so they may be wearing down. This could be good news for Charlie and the offense as they try to close out another tight game.

Giants score on a fluke catch by Cruz. Looks like Sherman, who's a rookie, just stopped and watched it happen when he could have made a play on the ball.

Fumble! Go Hawks!

Field goal and the game is tied.

Touchdown, Seahawks! Charlie is bringin' it!

Quarterback changes, offense stays exactly the same. Bevel is the real QB of the offense using interchangeable parts that can all get the job done.

Interception for a touchdown!

Hawks win a tough east coast game with strong defense, opportunistic play on both sides of the ball, and an offensive game plan that stayed the course even when the starting quarterback went out with an injury. Congratulations to the Seahawks coaching staff for a great game plan and to the players for executing when they needed to. Go Hawks!

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