Wednesday, January 20, 2021

VFW - Movie Review

The Movie: VFW

The Director: Joe Begos

The Cast: Stephen Lang, William Sadler, Martin Kove, David Patrick Kelly, Sierra McCormick, Tom Williamson, Travis Hammer, Dora Madison, George Wendt, Fred Williamson

The Story: A group of old war veterans put their lives on the line to defend a young woman taking shelter in their local VFW post, who's running from a deranged drug dealer and his relentless army of drug addled punks.

The Review:
Joe Begos has created a niche for himself with his blood soaked and heavy metal infused horror movies and I'm here for all of it. While his previous film Bliss was a drug fueled urban vampire tale, this movie is sort of a grizzled war veterans versus dystopian drug addicts Alamo style standoff. The idea of the movie is pretty straightforward and Begos delivers one hundred percent what you are expecting this movie to be. Lots of blood, lots of fighting, lots of shooting, lots of stabbing, lots of drinking, and lots of profanity.

The cast is pretty phenomenal and you'll recognize several faces and names from classic 70's and 80's movies and TV shows including Martin Kove who has actually been revisiting his iconic role from The Karate Kid in the Cobra Kai TV show and Fred Williamson who is known for the dozens of blaxploitation films he starred in over the years. I'm guessing Cheers star George Wendt is a friend of Begos as he keeps popping up in the director's films. Leading the pack in this film is Stephen Lang who you will probably most recognize for his role in Avatar as Colonel Quaritch, a character he will be revisiting in Avatar two, three, four, and five if James Cameron is ever able to get them completed.

I don't know if there's really a whole lot else to say, this is just a really fun movie and, as I mentioned, it's exactly what you are hoping and expecting it to be and I mean that in the best way possible.

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