Sunday, June 21, 2020

TwoOhSix Podcast - S01/E08 - Diversity in Film with Tim Hall

Hello friends and welcome to season one, episode eight of the Podcast! Diversity in Film: Conversations from Within the Industry is hosted by founder Marc Morin and features conversations with actors, directors, producers, film critics and more all discussing their thoughts on diversity in an industry that has been in need of some new perspectives and fresh voices.  Let's get to it!

Tim Hall aka The People's Critic has been a long standing member of the Seattle film community and is one of the first people that I got to know as I stepped into that world. Tim's expertise in film points to genres like science fiction, horror, fantasy, and just about anything that was ever popular during the VHS era of the 1980's to the point where he has become an integral part of the ongoing Made in the 80's Podcast. Aside from his podcast work, Tim has his own website and also maintains his Seattle P.I. blog page.


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Thank you for tuning in and I look forward to having you back next week as the Diversity in Film podcast series enters its final two weeks. Episode nine of the Diversity in Film Podcast Series will be released on Monday, June 29th. The episode will feature Erynne Hundley who is a Seattle based lifestyle blogger, a writer, a reader, a film critic, a world traveler, a podcaster, American Idol contestant, and maker of delicious things.

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