Saturday, February 29, 2020

Emma (2020) - Movie Review

The Movie: Emma

The Director: Autumn de Wilde

The Cast: Anya Taylor-Joy, Johnny Flynn, Bill Nighy, Mia Goth, Myra McFadyen, Josh O'Connor, Callum Turner, Rupert Graves, Gemma Whelan, Amber Anderson, Miranda Hart, Tanya Reynolds, Suzy Blum, Vanessa M. Owen, Isis Hainsworth

The Story: In 1800s England, a well meaning but selfish young woman meddles in the love lives of her friends.

The Review:
If you are a fan of Jane Austen's classic novels, you are going to love this movie. The wit, the charm, the style, the panache, the elegance, the absurdity, and the hilarity are all firmly in place in this hyper color period piece. This is Autumn de Wilde's first feature narrative effort and there are a few bumps along the way although I would say this is a very solid effort overall. Visually the film is intentionally glossy with every nook and cranny, button and belt all looking squeaky clean perfect and the color palette is just as bold as the rapid fire dialog.

If for some reason you are not familiar with Anya Taylor-Joy, you soon will be. She is a brilliant young actor with an already impressive resume under her belt that includes starring roles in The Witch and Thoroughbreds as well as appearing in M. Night Shyamalan's Split and Glass films. The magic she brings to the screen as Emma is absolutely delightful and she absolutely owns every scene that she's in. You can tell the entire cast had fun making this film, there's a really good vibe across the board.

One thing I will say is that this really isn't the type of movie I normally go for or would really look to sink my teeth into and there were definitely stretches where I had a difficult time staying engaged. The dramatics and love triangles and the onslaught of ingratiating behavior isn't really my cup of tea so to speak although I will say that overall, watching the movie was a solidly entertaining experience. Fans of Austen and these types of period piece movies I'm sure will be thrilled with what has been put together for them.

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