Sunday, January 26, 2020

The Wind: A Documentary Thriller - 2020 Slamdance Documentary Review

The Documentary: The Wind: A Documentary Thriller

The Director: Michal Bielawski

The Story: The halny wind is the most unpredictable element in the Polish mountains. It comes in cycles, in every spring and autumn. One never knows if or when it turns into a destructive gale.

The Review:
When you put the word thriller in the title of your documentary, it instantly installs an expectation that the movie will indeed be thrilling. The subject matter definitely lends to some thrilling potential with imminent destruction and chaos provided by unpredictable weather patterns around every virtual corner.

Director Michal Bielawski spends a fair amount of time introducing the audience to the town of Zakopane which resides in the foothills of a mountainous range in Poland along with its sturdy and weather worn inhabitants. The cinematography is beautifully rendered with the expected sweeping vistas and epic views of the surrounding mountains, the while thing is made for big screen viewing.

From this point forward, there are a few scenes of wind caused destruction with people running around chopping and clearing trees and emergency vehicles racing towards danger and none of it fulfilled the promise of being thrilling. Everything just sort of happens without much drama or explanation and I had a had time staying engaged. While the subject matter is perfectly appealing, the execution was lacking the intended thrill ride.

The Wind: A Documentary Thriller is an official selection of the 2020 Slamdance Film Festival.

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