Saturday, June 8, 2019

The Death of Dick Long - SIFF 2019 Capsule Review

The Movie: The Death of Dick Long

The Director: Daniel Scheinert

The Cast: Michael Abbott Jr., Virginia Newcomb, Andre Hyland, Sarah Baker, Jess Weixler

The Story: Dick died last night, and Zeke and Earl don't want anybody finding out how. That's too bad though, cause news travels fast in small-town Alabama.

The Review:
This movie is an interesting exploration on decision making under extreme duress, especially when needing to keep a deadly secret under wraps. The two primary characters, Zeke and Earl, are about as stereotypically Alabama as it gets and their constant stream of bad decisions makes for a lot of fun comedic moments. Not quite as insane as I was expecting but still a wild ride.

The Death of Dick Long is an official selection of the 2019 Seattle International Film Festival.

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