Sunday, June 2, 2019

Metal Heart - SIFF 2019 Movie Review

The Movie: Metal Heart

The Director: Hugh O'Conor

The Cast: Jordanne Jones, Leah McNamara, Moe Dunford, Aaron Heffernan, Sean Doyle

The Story: There is much rivalry between twin sisters Emma and Chantal, quite different in just about every way, when their mysterious young neighbour moves back in.

The Review:
This is a pretty standard coming of age tale that pits two fraternal twin yet polar opposite sisters against each other during the final days of their high school careers. I do like the characters and most the performances are sharp but the story is a little disjointed, the editing and transitions are shaky, and the whole thing plays like a Saturday afternoon TV special more than it does a feature film. The effort is definitely there and it's clear that director Hugh O'Conor has a passion for film making, I just feel like a little more experience will help him to sharpen things up.

Going back to the cast, I really enjoyed Jordanne Jones' performance as Emma, the goth, introverted half of the sisterly duo. She is given the heaviest workload and comes through with a character that is likable, vulnerable, a bit lost, and very much a typical teenager that makes lots of bad decisions. Emma's evolution from the beginning to the end of the story is crucial and Jones carries that weight like a seasoned pro. Overall this is a fun movie that shows a lot of heart and is a solid effort from the entire film making team.

Metal Heart is an official selection of the 2019 Seattle International Film Festival.

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