Sunday, June 9, 2019

MEMORY - The Origins of Alien - SIFF 2019 Documentary Review

The Documentary: MEMORY - The Origins of Alien

The Director: Alexandre O. Philippe

The Story: The untold origin story behind Ridley Scott's Alien - rooted in Greek and Egyptian mythologies, underground comics, the art of Francis Bacon, and the dark visions of Dan O'Bannon and H.R. Giger.

The Review:
40 year after the release of Alien, most would consider Ridley Scott's movie to be one of the best films ever made within both the horror and science fiction genres. Director Alexandre O. Philippe takes an in depth look at the mythology and artistry behind what went into making this such a classic story as well as how the iconic "chest burster" scene was put together complete with rare behind the scenes footage and interviews with just about everyone involved.

I've always been a fan of this film and I have vivid memories of it scaring the crap out of me as a child so it was really fun to to take a look at how it was all put together. The creators and interviewees give a lot of good insight into just how much thought and detail was put into every scene and all of the inspirations that were drawn from to create a fully realized universe complete with tons of history and depth. Fans of the Alien franchise will definitely want to check this documentary out.

MEMORY - The Origins of Alien is an official selection of the 2019 Seattle International Film Festival.

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