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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

TwoOhSix Picks - 2018 Brooklyn Horror Film Festival

So, this is my first time covering the Brooklyn Horror Film Festival and holy ghosts and demons Batman, I couldn't be more excited! This particular festival is going into its third year and the crazy bunch of film weirdos who put this party together have covered all the bloody bases by scaring up a frightening lineup of films that will have you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. Of course, this wouldn't be a "TwoOhSix Picks" post if I didn't give you my selection of the bloodiest, goriest, scariest, and most spine chilling films of the festival.

Okay, this one is honestly freaking me out just thinking about it. Check out the trailer so you can be freaked out, too and then decide if you're brave enough to watch the movie.

Screenwriter Isa Mazzei draws from her own experiences working as a cam girl to create an intensely provocative experience alongside director Daniel Goldhaber.

This intense thriller looks like it will rope you in and leave you tied up in knots with all the appropriate chills and suspenseful trappings one might expect.

Japanese horror films are often very dark, creepy, and brooding affairs and this film looks to fit that formula to a tee.

Tilman Singer's debut feature film looks like it is packed with everything you want from a horror movie and I can't wait to see what this 70's throwback movie is going to unleash.

Dennison Ramalho's feature film debut looks like a dark and twisted journey through the depths of the undead. From what I understand, the gore factor has been turned up a notch with a little dark humor mixed in just for fun. Should be a great ride for horror fans!

Graduating high schoolers getting knocked off one by one at an epic party? Sign me up!

This movie was also one of my picks for the 2018 North Bend Film Festival although I ended up not being able to see it. Looking forward to that second chance because I hear it's fantastic.

This movie is being featured during the festival's Centerpiece Gala so it must be good, right? A.T. White's feature debut promises an unparalleled horror movie experience that I can't wait to see.

Kristen Ruhlin pulls double duty as screenwriter and lead actress in a movie that gives a fresh look at horror via religion with all of the imagery and creepiness you might expect.

The list of Brooklyn theaters being used to host festival screenings includes the Nitehawk Cinema, which is where most screenings will take place, as well as the Liu Kumble Theater, Wythe Hotel Cinema, the IFP Made in New York Media Center, Syndicated, and Videology. For a look at the entire lineup and schedule, you can visit the official 2018 Brooklyn Horror Film Festival website.

About the Brooklyn Horror Film Festival:
The Brooklyn Horror Film Festival is a premier east coast genre festival that embodies the spirit of Brooklyn. Taking place in venues throughout the borough, we showcase the best new independent films, throw parties, host events, and more.

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