Friday, February 17, 2017

2016 Recap - The Performances

In 2016, I watched a lot of movies. Probably more in one year than I ever have before so there was a lot of acting to take in. Most are passable and get the job done adequately and then there's a few that make you cringe and wish the casting director had made a different choice. Finally, there is a select handful that really catch my attention and never for the same reason. These performances are so unique, often very powerful, and, if nothing else, they are just fun to watch on screen.

Below, you will find a list of the actors and actresses who stood out to me as having turned in the most entertaining and enjoyable performances of the year including a couple of special categories to start.

"Creates an unforgettable new robot character within a Star Wars universe filled with unforgettable robot characters."

"The two leading ladies are both very engaging and extremely watchable. No, I'm not just talking about when their clothes are coming off."

Janelle Monae, Taraji P. Henson, and Octavia Spencer - Hidden Figures
"Henson, Spencer, and Monáe are a collective force to be reckoned with much like the historic figures they have worked so hard to put on screen."

"Ricardo Darín quite simply gives one of the best performances of the year."

Most Entertaining Performances of 2016

"If Amy Adams isn't one of the great actresses of our time, I don't know who is."

"Christian Wolff is a very complex character and Affleck really does a fine job of bringing him to life."

"She lets loose and literally dances her way into our hearts."

"She has very little screen time but, what she does contribute, makes me very excited to see her solo movie."

"His work in this film may be his best yet."

"He has never been better in any film he has ever had a role in."

You feel every moment of her struggle and you cheer for every one of her victories.

"Margot Robbie is fantastic as Harley Quinn. Her take on the character is spot on."

"This movie that might end up being the most prominent touchstone of her career."

"His performance as Nat Turner is as powerful and affecting as any I have had a chance to see over the course of the year."

"She carries the picture with a grace and style that is so real and refreshing to watch on screen."

"Gosling is absolutely brilliant as a drunken private detective who is actually much better at his job than he lets on."

"With this role, she embodies the epitome of a strong willed woman."

My Favorite Performances of 2016

"This young woman was literally found on a beach by the director, was asked to audition for the lead role in this film, and she absolutely knocked it out of the park. She is such a shining light in this film and her mere presence just brings joy and hope to every moment she is on screen."

"I have been a fan of Denzel's for as long as I can remember and I have to say this is the best work he has ever done as an actor."

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