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2016 Recap - The Movies

For me, 2016 was a pretty incredible year for movies with such a diverse mix of styles, genres, and countries represented. Indie films, festival films, foreign films, animated films, horror films, and big budget blockbuster films all filled movie theaters in a seemingly endless stream of talent and creativity. Of course, not all of them turn out as good as you hope they might (Independence Day: Resurgence, X-Men: Apocalypse) and others seemingly come out of nowhere to shine above all the rest (Train to Busan, Sing Street).

Below, you will find my latest annual recap of favorite films beginning with a list of previous recaps, a couple special categories, some honorable mentions, and finally the ten films I enjoyed more than any others over the course of the year. Thank you for reading.

Favorite Films Recaps:

Honorable Mention:

My Favorite Horror Movie of 2016
My Favorite Korean Movie of 2016
"Train to Busan has everything you could want: action, special effects, drama, story, emotion, and of course, zombies. Lots of zombies."

My Favorite Animated Movie of 2016
A movie with a message that delivers on all fronts, takes no prisoners, and leaves you happily singing your way out of the theater. All I can say is go see this movie as soon as you can and just enjoy the heck out of it.

My Favorite Movies of 2016

Why did these ten films make my list? Each of the movies that made the cut moved me in various ways. Tears were shed during each of them, sometimes multiple times, and obviously for very different reasons depending on the movie. There was also cheering, laughing, clapping, gasping, and sometimes just pure, joyful, speechless awe at what was unfolding on screen.

"The digital effects for this film are beautifully and flawlessly rendered and, even with all the magical craziness going on, it all somehow makes sense and your head doesn't explode from watching it all (sometimes literally) unfold on screen."

"This is a story that really needed to be told and one that everyone should see as a way to learn about who Nat Turner was and what he was able to accomplish against impossible odds."

"An inspirational movie that shines a spotlight on the unsung heroes who turned tragedy into triumph during one of the worst terrorist attacks ever committed on American soil."

"A master class on how to put a bit of humanity on screen in a way that is as entertaining as it is heart wrenching."

"Every so often a movie comes out that strips itself down to the core of reality and comes out with a beautifully entertaining glimpse into the lives of America's youth."

"Hidden Figures is an entertaining movie, it is a powerful story, and it is a shining example of what can be accomplished when racial and societal barriers are pushed aside in favor of progress and equality."

"This film was such an unexpected treat and it stuck with me all year long as one of my favorite movie going experiences."

"Packed with powerful performances and tear jerking theatrics, this is a movie that will leave you emotionally exhausted in the most satisfying way."

"Marvel has managed to give everyone what they have been waiting to see and made a really fun, action packed, thrilling, intense, funny, and extremely watchable film that you will want to see over and over again."

My Favorite Movie of 2016
Rogue One is the Star Wars movie I have been waiting to see. Gareth Edwards has created a Star Wars film that feels and looks so perfect yet manages to push the boundaries of what this iconic franchise can offer. Felicity Jones gives fans of the franchise a new hero to root for and a role model for young women around the world and Darth Vader gives us another villainous moment that will go down in cinematic history. Rogue One is an absolute must see whether you are a fan of the franchise or not.

2016 Recaps:

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