Thursday, July 7, 2016

No More Trailers

I have recently made the decision to no longer include trailers in my movie review posts simply because there are just too many spoilers embedded in them now and, more often than not, they ruin what should be big surprises or climactic moments of the films they are advertising.

The reason studios do this is because all they really care about is the opening weekend box office so their marketing push is to do everything possible to get people to buy tickets for that three day period and nothing else. To them, that's all that matters and if it means showing you the huge, explosive, finale 100 times before you even get into the theater, then so be it.

With as many movies as I watch, I am inundated with these trailers and can't really avoid the spoilers they contain but I know a lot of you make a conscious effort to not watch trailers for the very reasons I have discussed. Of course, trailers are readily available all over the internet, but I want you to be able to read my reviews without the temptation of having the trailer right there waiting at the bottom of the page. If you really want to watch a trailer, go to YouTube or Facebook and have at it.

Thank you to everyone who reads my reviews, I hope this small change enhances your movie going experience.

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