Thursday, August 28, 2014

The November Man - Movie Review

Pierce Brosnan is back as an international spy in The November Man, a film directed by Roger Donaldson. Also starring in the movie are Luke Bracey, Olga Kurylenko, Bill Smitrovich, Will Patton, Amila Terzimehic, and Lazar Ristovski.

Devereaux and Mason (Brosnan and Bracey) are former partners in the CIA, but now they find themselves on opposite sides of a mission that could alter the course of Russian history. After being called back into service specifically for what he believes to be a rescue operation, Devereaux quickly remembers that things are never quite what they appear to be in the spy game. Left with a single name that, if revealed to the right organization, could either make or break a Russian candidates bid for the Presidency.

The two main things I like about this movie are being able to see Pierce Brosnan in a return to what he is best known for and Olga Kurylenko continuing to cement herself as a leading lady to be reckoned with. Mr. Brosnan first rose to prominence and fame alongside Stephanie Zombalist in the Remington Steele detective series and then hit it big during his turn as the one and only James Bond. While he has attempted other types of characters, he is truly at his best when exuding that signature bravado and swagger that could only come from an international spy and seeing him take on this type of role again was even more fun than I thought it might be.

Sure the story is fairly predictable and doesn't offer anything we haven't seen before, but I found it very hard not to like this entry into the spy game genre that could almost be looked at as a throwback to an era that wasn't filled with computer generated hi jinks and nearly indestructible characters. While The November Man is not a big, special effects laden blockbuster style movie, it does manage to keep your attention with a faced paced story that doesn't ever completely fall off the rails. Yeah, I suppose that's meant as a compliment.


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