Thursday, October 24, 2013

Imaginary Friends - Web Series Spotlight

The crew was on hand at the 2013 GeekGirlCon in Seattle, Washington on Saturday, October 19th to show off the first two episodes of their fun, new web series and to discuss plans for what they have in store down the road. Imaginary Friends stars Amy Mayes, Katherine Jett, Andre Nelson, and Thom Morgan. Along with our review, we have both episodes right here on this very page!

The first thing that really hit home to me as I watched this first episode was just how amazingly local it felt and I don't mean the on location shooting at Seattle Center. Being a resident of the Emerald City, it was easy to feel like I already knew Sam (Nelson) and Claire (Mayes), or maybe its some crazy combination of several people that I do know all smashed together to create a couple of truly unique personalities.

Are these two people crazy? Maybe. Are half the people I have met in Seattle slightly off their rockers? I'd say that's more than a maybe. Even so, this story has a very endearing quality and I can't wait to see what happens next for these quaintly quirky companions. Fortunately, we can do that right now with episode 2 of Imaginary Friends!

After watching these first two episodes, I can't help but wonder if I am more interested in Sam and Claire's budding relationship or the potential of an epic battle between Mona and Percival. Either way, there is so much potential for a really good story to develop and all of the peripheral nerdiness going on is just icing on the cake....assuming its organically produced and artisan quality Pacific Northwest cake.

If Katherine Jett sees this picture, she will understand exactly why I added it.
The other thing to note about these first two episodes is how good the music is. The songs are very creative and fun and they do a great job of progressing the story as well. I particularly liked the music video style montage that showed off the various talents the two lead actors bring to the table. Maybe some day we'll get a soundtrack album once the first full season has been completed.

From what I understand, there is a Kickstarter campaign in the works for Imaginary Friends and, if successful, could allow for a full season's worth of episodes to go into production. The TrashTaco Productions team definitely has the makings of a hit on their hands and hopefully they are able to develop it to its full potential.

Cast and crew of Imaginary Friends at GeekGirlCon.


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