Sunday, May 19, 2013

At Middleton Red Carpet World Premiere - SIFF 2013

On Friday, May 17th, Vera Farmiga, Andy Garcia, and other members of the cast and crew for At Middleton were on hand at the Harvard Exit theater in Seattle, WA for a Q&A session following the world premiere screening of the film. was on hand to get photos of everyone on the red carpet as well as video of the Q&A session.

Opening weekend of the Seattle International Film Festival always provides some great opportunities to see celebrities walk the red carpet to showcase the premiere of their latest feature film and this day was no exception. As you can tell, I was not using the most high tech camera equipment, but the pictures still turned out pretty good considering this was the first time I have ever covered a red carpet entrance.

After the movie was over, the cast and crew took the stage for a brief question and answer session whcih was actually pretty informative considering the time constraints. You'll notice the the video is pretty dark at the beginning as they got started with the Q&A while the credits were still rolling, but not to worry, the lights do come up after a couple minutes. I hope you enjoy the video and hopefully I'll be able to provide more of this type of exclusive access as the festival continues.


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