Thursday, December 6, 2012

Electoral Emissions - Short Film Feature

Have you ever wished political cartoons would come to life and be more than one or two small animated panels in your favorite newspaper? Well, actress and writer America Young (fitting name, right?) decided to write a short film that will take you on a metaphorical journey in to this past year's Presidential election and turn your wishes in to reality.

Of course, an undertaking this bold could not be tackled alone so Miss Young recruited the help of director Brian Crewe, who had recently had a successful run through the film festival circuit with his very own short film called Far. Finally, after enlisting fellow actors Justin Welborn and Joe Holt to co-star in the patriotic project, Miss America (sure, why not) was now ready to make a movie.

Yes, folks you do get to witness this very likable labor of love for yourself thanks to the wonder and magic of YouTube's world famous HTML embedding feature! Below the video, you will find a link to an article written by Brian Crewe about the film which was published on I hope you enjoy the video, I thought it was very entertaining and also a clever way to show what might really be going on in the world of politics and how it relates to us common folk.

CLICK HERE to read director Brian Crewe's article!

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