Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sheitan - Movie Review

"Sheitan" is a French horror comedy starring Vincent Cassel that goes all out in trying to creep out anyone that chooses to watch it.

The movie starts with a group of young men in a nightclub enjoying a night of drinking, getting high, and hitting on the ladies. When one of them gets kicked out for fighting, the group, along with their sexy bartender friend and a lovely young lady that has taken an interest in them, decide to head elsewhere.

Eve, the aforementioned lovely young lady offers to take them out to her house which is in a far off secluded area of the country side. Too drunk and stoned to realize they have just agreed to a big time movie cliche moment, everyone packs in to one of the guy's cars and off they go.

This is where things, of course, start to get really weird and especially when they meet Joseph who is the caretaker of Eve's farmland estate and is also a very creepy guy who has a hilarious perma-grin thing going on. After taking a tour of the large and super creepy house, the group is convinced to head to a hot spring where they are encouraged to hang out, get naked, and...have more weird stuff happen to them.

You can imagine what ends up happening by the end of the movie although it wasn't nearly as gory as I was hoping it would be. I was expecting something more along the lines of "Frontier(s)", but it wasn't really that at all. Even so, this was a fairly entertaining movie with way more laughs than scares and lots of creepiness to keep the mood centered perfectly on what it was trying to achieve.

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