Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises Featurette by Christopher Nolan

As we get closed and closer to the release of "The Dark Knight Rises", the general public is being inundated with a non stop barrage of marketing and advertising. If you want to stay completely in the dark and 100% spoiler-free, you pretty much have to lock yourself in your very own bat cave for the next week and a half.

Recently, a 13 minute featurette produced by Christopher Nolan himself was released to the internet and, while it gives some insight as to the overall feel of the movie, it stays vague enough not to give away anything we haven't already seen in trailers or other articles. If you're OK with this, then by all means continue on and check out the video, but otherwise now is when you want to return to your cave of ignorant bliss.

So, what do you think?! Personally, watching this video did nothing but make me want to watch the movie right now as I am sitting here. Actually, I'd rather be in a movie theater, but you get the idea.

If you need some help deciding where to see "The Dark Knight Rises" when it comes out please check out my blog post that gives some info regarding IMAX screens and other theaters in the Seattle area.

You can go to it now by clicking HERE!

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