Saturday, March 3, 2012

Project X (2012) - Movie Review

Todd Phillips has definitely become Hollywood's resident party expert having produced classics like Old School and the Hangover movies. With Project X, he takes the audience back to high school and throws a party that every teenage kid wishes they had been responsible for.

'Project X' is the story of three friends that use one of their birthdays as the perfect excuse to throw a party that will raise their stature in the high school hierarchy and maybe even score them the female companionship  that has been sorely lacking from their lives.

Thomas (Thomas Mann) agrees to let his buddies Costa (Oliver Cooper) and JB (Jonathan Daniel Brown) plan his birthday bash and reluctantly allows them to hold it at his house which will be parent free for the weekend thanks to their anniversary getaway trip.

What they do not plan for is how their use of smart phones and the internet turns what was supposed to be a relatively modest gathering in to a party that would reach legendary status, but also in to something they might not be able to keep from getting too far out of hand.

From beginning to end, this movie is full of humor, alcohol, girls, and just about anything else that a young man would be looking to indulge in. While all the party plans are being made, the movie is a little slow, but once the guests begin to arrive, things really start building up and the action doesn't slow down until the sun rises the next morning.

The movie, of course, is nothing earth shattering and won't be giving anyone a new perspective on life or anything else remotely profound. What you do get is an hour and a half of laughs and thrills that will keep you entertained and might even leave you a bit envious of the epic event these three kids managed to pull off.

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