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Tim Travers and the Time Traveler’s Paradox - 2024 SIFF Movie Review

The Movie: Tim Travers and the Time Traveler’s Paradox

The Director: Stimson Snead

The Cast: Samuel Dunning, Felicia Day, Joel McHale, Danny Trejo, Keith David

The Story: A scientist creates a time machine and kills their younger self to see what would happen.

The Rating: 7 / 10

The Review:
Normally, I'm not a fan of movies that use time travel because it's just too easy to fix whatever the problem is by going back to just before the problem occured. There are exceptions to this and some stories have done a great job of incorporating the trope usually by making time travel really really hard to do. One of the things I found refreshing about this movie is how it promarily deals with the time travel paradox, you know, the idea of going back in time and killing yourself making it impossible to go back in time to kill yourself.

This movie is also Stimson Snead's directorial debut and I have to say this had to be quite the challenge of a story to take on just considering the logistics of having the main, title character duplicated via time travel a couple dozen times. I mean, we actually see multiple versions of Tim Travers interacting with each other through most of the story and it is as crazy as it sounds which I mean in a good way. This also left me very impressed with lead actor Samuel Dunning who plays all the iterations Travers both as they exist on their own and all simultaneously in the same space.

With time travel being in play, this is definitely a special effects driven movie while existing both as an intriguing science fiction story and a genunely funny comedy, a lot of which coming from all the different Travers interacting with each other. As far as the special effects work, I was very impressed not just in how the multiple Travers were brought to life on screen but there are also a lot of really wild effects driven scenes that add a bigger scale to the story than I was expecting. Very impressive work considering this didn't come from a big studio with a massive budget.

All of this and I haven't even mentioned that we get to see both Danny Trejo and Keith David in small yet impactful roles. I mean, any time you get to see one of these fine gentlemen, let alone both of them, in a movie, you know good things are about to happen. Pair that up with great work from both Dunning and Felicia Day and I have to give a shout out to Nike Imoru and Ronnie Yeskel for putting this cast together.

Final thought, for me this movie is even more special knowing that it was produced right here in the Pacific Northwest, local entertainment icon Joel McHale even makes an appearance as a podcast host, so it really means a lot to be able to watch it as part of this year's Seattle International Film Festival. Ultimatley, this movie is a really fun and inventive science fiction story packed with nerdy humor and mind blowing moments if insanity that also makes it an extremely re-watchable adventure.

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