Thursday, January 6, 2022

Red Notice - Movie Review

The Movie: Red Notice

The Director: Rawson Marshall Thurber

The Cast: Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot, Ryan Reynolds, Ritu Arya, Chris Diamantopolous

The Story: The world's greatest thieves are chased by the authorities.

The Review:
Okay so we all know that The Rock, Dwayne Johnson, is the hardest working man in show business putting out a near non stop stream of movies, social media posts, products, and other business endeavors. For the first time since he embarked on this journey, I feel like it's time he takes a step back and start to look at all of his potential projects with a more careful eye. On the surface, Red Notice has all the right ingredients to chase down the competition and steal the show but that elusive prize can be hard to obtain when it feels like the cast isn't even paying attention.

That's my main issue with the movie is it feels like the three leads, Ryan Reynolds, Gal Gadot, and especially Johnson, are just going through the motions and getting by on what we best know each of them for. Reynolds is his usual witty self although, without much effort from his coworkers and less material to work with, his schtick wears thin much faster than it normally does. Gadot looks amazing as she always does and that's about all we get from her this time. Under the radar but actually giving an effort is Ritu Arya who actually comes across like she cares about being in the movie.

Outside of the performances, the movie tries to be a big action spectacle and kind of is so that's really the one thing it has going for it. The story is even more convoluted than you might imagine and draws from just about every other type of action movie you can think of from the Mission Impossible franchise to Indiana Jones of all things. Seriously, there's a sequence that is ripped straight out of Temple of Doom and it pales in comparison which is something since that came out around 40 years ago. I just wonder if this movie would have been a higher quality production if it hadn't been targeted for a Netflix release.

The Verdict:
Red Notice has everything you could ever want for an explosive summer blockbuster release but the end result is more like one of those you find in the straight to video bargain bin so it makes sense this thing ended up on Netflix.

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