Thursday, January 6, 2022

The Legend of La Llorona - Movie Review

The Movie: The Legend of La Llorona

The Director: Patricia Harris Seeley

The Cast: Autumn Reeser, Antonio Cupo, Zamia Fandiño and Danny Trejo

The Story: A malevolent spirit bent on vengeance, stalks a young family visiting Mexico.

The Review:
Okay, so this is the third movie about La Llorona that has come out in the last few years, one of them being connected to the Conjuring universe, another being a deeply political and societal deconstruction of Guatemalan colonization, and now we have whatever this is supposed to be. If you don't know the curse of La Llorona, it is a legend from Mexican culture, a story that parents tell their kids to scare them into staying safe at home. Basically, La Llorona is a disgruntled spirit who kidnaps kids, the backstory of the legend is actually quite tragic although it does get interpreted in a lot different ways.

Each of the three movies I mentioned puts a bit of a different spin on the legend and this one takes some interesting turns with the material that don't make a whole lot of sense. Honestly, there's not much about this movie that makes sense. Actually, the only thing that makes sense about this movie is Danny Trejo. He's really the only reason I decided to watch this movie in the first place and as it turns out, he's really the only reason to watch the movie. Because Danny Trejo is a legend.

The single best part about this movie is when we get to see Danny Trejo shooting a spirit with a shotgun and, while shooting a spirit with a shotgun shouldn't have any effect, it actually does but not in a way that makes any sense. Because nothing about this movie makes any sense. The only thing that tops these moments is the appearance of a mustache that looks so ridiculously fake and awkward and weird, it completely took me out of moments in the movie that were supposed to be quite dramatic.

Did I mention that Danny Trejo is in the movie? That's really the only thing it has going for it.

The Verdict:
The Legend of La Llorona is a horror movie that lacks any tension or scares but is filled with moments of unintentional laughter. Even Danny Trejo battling an evil spirit by shooting at it with a shot gun isn't enough to save this one.

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