Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Maxima - Documentary Review

The Documentary: Maxima

The Director: Claudia Sparrow

The Story: A multi-billion dollar corporation meets their match in a fearless Indigenous woman who remains uncowed after years of violent intimidation.

The Review:
Watching this documentary was a fascinating experience from just about every angle. To see how steadfast and fearless Maxima has been to protect her property, her family, and her livelihood is inspiring in so many ways and also scary in what she has had to put up with in her fight against a corporate behemoth. It's also amazing to see the lengths a corporation will go to take whatever they want without any disregard for human life or any sort of decency or regard for humanity.

There is no debate in this story about what US-Based Newmont Mining Corporation's intentions are, they're simply stripping the land of resources while railroading anyone who might fall within their path of destruction. Director Claudia Sparrow really get to know her subject by spending time getting to know exactly who she is as a human being and it's pretty easy to see that Maxima just wants to live a peaceful life on the land that she rightfully owns. The filmmakers focus stays squarely on Maxima as a person even as the world around her gets crazier and more dangerous which helps to keep the story centered on what's important.

I say that because it would have been easy for this documentary to spiral into an expose on corporate greed and the global implications of how massive of a problem it really is but Sparrow knows how important it is for the world to see who this woman is. Her against all odds struggle against unlimited resources and an army of high powered attorneys shows how one human being can make a difference in the world and that's the type of inspiration we need right now.

Learn more about the movie by watching my interview with director Claudia Sparrow.

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