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Extra Ordinary - 2019 NBFF Movie Review

The Movie: Extra Ordinary

The Directors: Mike Ahern and Enda Loughman

The Cast: Barry Ward, Maeve Higgins, Will Forte, Claudia O’Doherty, Jamie Beamish, Terri Chandler

The Story: Rose has been hiding her supernatural gifts ever since a deadly accident, but now she must take action to save a young girl from being sacrificed to an evil demon from the underworld.

The Review:

"Do you ever have nightmares after eating cheese? You might have eaten a ghost."

This is one of the first lines of dialog in the movie and pretty much set the tone for what I was about to experience and I mean that in a good way. The story is funny, it's quirky, it's silly, it's out there, and it's endlessly entertaining in a very genuine way which is interesting because of how goofy it is. With all the whacked out para-not-normal activity going on, the story also has a heart and an endearing quality which I feel owes a lot to Maeve Higgins' performance as Rose.

Rose has lived most of her life hiding from her true self because of a traumatic experience she had as a child and Higgins conveys this by giving her character an awkward innocence that has her stumbling through just about every scenario she comes across. Some of the best moments of the movie are when she is matched up against Will Forte's devil worshiping wanna be rock star who excels in excessive behavior and will do anything to unleash the evil powers he needs to create another smash hit album.

I really like how the movie never once even thinks about taking itself seriously and, from start to finish, stays within this perfect lane of creative goofiness that fills every moment with layers of laughter. Extra Ordinary should definitely be a crowd pleaser at festivals and genre fans, you will want to keep this on your radar.

Extra Ordinary is an official selection of the 2019 North Bend Film Festival.

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